St. Gabriel’s Hospice Services

Because every individual has unique needs and desires…

St. Gabriel’s Hospice provides a spectrum of skilled professional and volunteer services in order to meet our patients’ and families’ needs. Our care team is committed to the ongoing evaluation and implementation of our physician-led plan of care. Our focus is on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their loved ones; giving them the care they choose and the compassion they deserve.

St Gabriels Hospice Services
St Gabriels Hospice Services


RN Case Managers, Certified Nursing Aides, Medical Directors, Dieticians, Volunteers


Chaplains, Counselors, Therapists, Licensed Social Workers
Our physician-led plan of care is created specifically for each individual patient and managed by our experienced team of professionals, which may include, but is not limited to:
Hospice Physician

A hospice physician is on call 24/7 for our staff. These physicians are experts in symptom control at the end of life. They, along with their team, are involved in the development of individualized plans of care. Care plans are discussed at weekly meetings, where changes in condition and medications will be discussed. A patient may keep their primary care physician as their doctor, or they may transfer sole care over to the hospice medical director if they desire.

Registered Nurses

St. Gabriel’s experienced RN’s provide compassionate symptom management as well as personalized care to each patient. A nurse will visit based on the care plan set forth by the clinical team and agreed upon by the family. Each patient is assigned an RN to manage their care Monday through Friday. St. Gabriel’s also provides on-call RN staff for after hours and weekend emergencies. The RN’s work in care teams to better meet all nursing needs.

Licensed Social Workers

A Licensed Social Worker will make visits to the patients home setting, as well as follow up phone calls and family visits as needed. Care for the needs of the family members is equally as important, and our social work staff has many resources to access as specific needs are identified.

Medical Equipment

Equipment is available as needed, items include but are not limited to; hospital bed, oxygen concentrator, wheelchair, walker, bedside commode, etc. Supplies are also available as needed to assist our staff in the personal care of the patient.

Bereavement Services

St. Gabriel’s offers bereavement services to family members once their loved one has passed. This includes phone calls, letters and personal visits upon request by our Chaplain. Our Chaplains provide spiritual support to both our patients and families. Chaplains will make visits and maintain communication with family members and can assist with any plans necessary. Additional visits and phone contact is always available for support.


Hospice provides palliative medications related to the admitting hospice diagnosis. These medications will be reviewed and approved upon admission, then ordered through our pharmacy and delivered to the patient’s home. Non-hospice related medications can be still obtained by the family through the patients’ current pharmacy.

Physician Directed Care
Compassionate Caregivers
Emotional and Spiritual Support


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