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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find questions and answers most frequently asked by our Fort Worth and Dallas area clients.

Q. When is it time for Hospice?

A. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, now is the right time to call us to learn about your options when it comes to starting hospice care. It is a common misconception that hospice care is only for the last few days of life when, in fact, patients and families can benefit most with early hospice intervention. So often patients and their families tell us: "we wish we had called sooner." It is important to begin hospice services as soon as you are eligible.

Q. What can I expect?

A. Once you are admitted into hospice care, a specially trained medical team and support staff is available to help you and your family cope with the terminal illness. Your doctor and the hospice medical team work together with you and your family to set up a plan of care that meets your specific needs. Comfort care measures are available to assist with symptom control and pain relief with the goal of increasing your quality of life.

Nursing care, home health aide services, medications related to the hospice diagnosis, equipment, and supplies are all provided to make you as comfortable and pain free as possible. Social and spiritual counseling are also part of the hospice plan of care.

Q. Will insurance cover Hospice services?

A. Medicare and Medicaid cover ALL Hospice services at 100%. There is no out-of-pocket expense for patients or their families.

Q. Where is your Hospice located?

A. Hospice is a Service, not a Place. St. Gabriel’s Hospice provides services wherever our patients call home. This can be at a house or apartment, a friend or relative’s home, an assisted living facility, or nursing home. Our services can also be offered and provided to hospital-ized individuals if medically necessary.

Q. How do I get Hospice service for myself or a family member?

A. A physician’s order is required for hospice but ultimately YOU choose the hospice provider you prefer. St. Gabriel’s Hospice offers free educational visits and consultations to help determine if you or a loved one qualify for hospice care.

Q. Who is Eligible for Hospice Care?

A. Hospice care is for people who have a life expectancy of six months or less and have chosen to focus on palliative care, comfort, and relief from pain and symptoms.

Q. What diagnoses and end-stage illnesses are commonly associated with hospice care?

A. Some of the diagnoses and end-stage illnesses that usually require hopsice care include: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, Respiratory Disease, Liver/Renal Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Adult Failure to Thrive, Neurological Disease, Stroke or Coma, ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease), AIDS/HIV

Q. What services are covered with Hospice care?

A. Covered services include: Physician Directed Care, Nursing Care, Medical Social Services, Spiritual Counseling, Bereavement Care, Trained Volunteers, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Related Medication, Medication Management, Certified Nurse Aide Services, Physical, Speech and other related therapies, Specialized Wound Care, Crisis Care for Acute Symptom Management, Respite and Inpatient Care.

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